These Are Our

Cleaning Services

01. Services

Driveway Cleaning

As time passes dirt can build up on your driveway. Also moss is inclined to attach itself to  the surface and is difficult to remove. At PNM gardening and tree services we have the solution. We spray the moss and after leaving it for a few days we return and powerwash away the residue and any dirt buildup.

driveway cleaning
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02. Services

Power washing Walls

Sometimes  due to grafatti or just grime accumulated over time the exterior walls of your business or home will need to be cleaned. We offer a power washing service to bring them back to a more presentable state.

03. Services

Gutter Cleaning

Invariably no matter where you are located you are going to eventually need your gutters cleaned. Many people hire us to come at fixed periods of time to prevent the buildup of waste in the gutters to cause them to over flow and stain the walls. We offer an affordable service and leave the area around your home/business clean behind us

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